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Rainbow Practitioner Forms and Policies

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Staff Use: Team Members

Parent forms

Online forms for parents to provide us authorisation to administer medication, or to inform us of an existing injury, or to capture the details of a child accident during the day.

Lunch Numbers

Please use this form for providing your room's required staff numbers over the lunchtime period. If you make a mistake you can resubmit the form but please let your manager know you have done this.

Special Diets Children Photo App

Install link for the app for taking or updating children's photos (different to one on Tapestry which is a separate app) which then is used on the room sheets for special diets information.

Maintenance Request Form

Use this to log requests for non-urgent maintenance items.

Tapestry Change Request

Use this form to request a change to the children you can view on your room's Tapestry tablets.

Holiday Request Form

This is the holiday request form. Please be advised that all holidays are subject to confirmation.

Staff Contact Details

Please use this form for your annual confirmation of your contact details, or to advise us of a change in your contact details.

Parent permissions form

This is the updated (August 2018) permissions for that we ask all parents to complete. The introduction of Tapestry as well as the new data protection legislation has meant that we needed to review our policies and permissions relating to capturing images and videos of the children.  As we have parents who have been with us for a number of years, and parents who have been with us for a number of days, we chose to do a single update of the permissions we hold for all parents. Not all permissions are applicable to all age groups but a single list keeps things simple.

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