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Day Nursery: Our Mission

Day Nursery

2-3 year olds

Adult to Child Ratio 1 : 4

Miss Lisa Watson, our nursery manager is currently Acting Manager of Rainbow Nursery’s Day Nursery.

Day Nursery has two rooms, Day Nursery One and Day Nursery Two. Our Day Nursery rooms provide your child with the opportunity to learn, interact and develop in a caring environment. Through play your child will learn and develop at their own pace, as we support their emotional development and teach social skills, whilst enhancing language to aid them on their journey to becoming strong communicators. 

We follow each child’s individual interests to plan for and implement activities that provide your child with an environment in which they can thrive. We aim to build your child’s knowledge and understanding through exploration, repetition and discovery.

In Day Nursery your child will begin to develop a sense of self as they are encouraged to explore their own independence and the endless possibilities this may bring, from the Toddler Flip (enabling your child to independently dress for the outdoors) to ‘Rule of Law’ (helping your child understand and follow simple everyday boundaries).

For more information click here for a copy of our Welcome to Day Nursery. If you have any questions regarding Day Nursery please do not hesitate to contact Miss Watson.

Day Nursery: Welcome

Toilet Training

In Day Nursery one of the main milestones is Toilet Training. Toilet Training your child can be as eagerly anticipated as it is dreaded! At Rainbow our practitioners are here to help and support you and your child every step of the way. As there is no magic age that signals the ideal time to start the process of toilet training, however, when you feel the time is right we have a handy guide that might just be of use!

Day Nursery: About Us
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