COVID-19 Parent Information

UPDATED 12:00 6/8/2020

Additional Entry/Exit and Illness and Medication processes are in operation.

OPEN for all children in all nursery age groups. Holiday Club in operation July/August .

Junior Club suspended until end of October.

Other measures continue as below:

Return to nursery confirmations and additional details on procedures are going out today. If you have told us your child is attending week commencing 1st June you should have received a confirmation email from us.

If you have not told us you are returning do not just turn up, regardless of what your child's booking pattern is. 

This is an overview of our risk review associated with the 1st June reopening

Please remember:

  • Effective two way communication between you and nursery is vital at this time. Reporting of symptoms and confirmed diagnoses, and practicalities of booking patterns and ad hoc changes you may need to address your employment needs; but also your engagement in helping us to make Rainbow as safe as we can. So please feel free to give feedback on these measures if you can think of areas we can improve on.

  • Also on the subject of communication, we need you to let us know if your child attends other settings, or is cared for by others outside of your household. In recent years government policy has encouraged this, but now, mid pandemic, this is reversed as it clearly represents a cross contamination risk. North Yorkshire Council are asking us to raise awareness of the risks in multiple care locations and to ask that you make us aware if you are.

  • We are adopting measures to make drop off and collection as touch free as possible. Nothing from home or sent home, online medication and accident forms, no parents over the threshold, and for where a child has to be physically handed between adults within 2 meters then we are asking parents to wear a face covering at that moment.

  • Recognising that very young children cannot maintain physical distancing and in line with government guidance the children will be allocated to groups which will be as consistent as possible, with consistent staffing where possible.

  • In the event that the practitioner caring for your child’s group is confirmed with COVID-19 or a child within the group has a confirmed case of COVID-19 you will be advised as soon as possible and your child will need to isolate for 14 days. This is part of the additional measures instructed by the government to mitigate the risk of re-opening early years settings where normal social distancing is not practical.

  • Our Junior Club regular service is suspended until September. Our Junior Club service is across year groups AND across schools and we do not feel we can safely provide this service under current government guidelines. It's looking like primary school return will be very gradual, i.e. some children, in some year groups, on some days, and in some schools so we are hoping this is not going to inconvenience many parents but we sincerely apologise if it does. We may be able to provide ad hoc support, especially to key workers, if required.

Kind regards,

Karl and Harriet Shields

External links to government websites and the NHS are below.

Previous Parent Briefings/Emails can be accessed here

Rainbow Parent Notification e-Form

Please use this form to advise us of

  1. any health issues you or your child may develop that may be relevant to our prevention and limitation of the spread of COVID-19 within the nursery,  

  2. any past, present or near future international travel plans, or if people you or your child are in direct contact with have travelled overseas recently,

  3. any child absence from nursery as a result of any of the additional "Illness, Temperature and Medication" measures we have introduced, if you have not reported it by phone already.

Covid-19 for children

A useful resource, for preschool and upwards, to help children (and their parents!) understand coronavirus.

Government "Key Worker" List

If you or someone in your household is covered by the criteria on this document you can apply for us to care for your child. This applies to existing or new customers whose existing arrangements or provision is not available.

NHS COVID-19 Advice and Information

NHS health and advice information.

NHS 111 Online

Find out what to do if you think you have symptoms or you might have been exposed to the virus when travelling.
They will ask you a few questions and tell you what to do next. To protect yourself and others, do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital. This service is suitable for all ages.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice

Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

Government Guidance to Educational Settings

Guidance for schools and other educational settings in providing advice about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Infection Control Action Plan

Version as of 21/05/2020. This is a live document we are using internally and will be updated on this site from time to time.

Risk Assessment and Parent Summary

This document summarises our risk review ahead of wider reopening on the 1st June. It includes background, risk assessment and parent guidance.


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