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COVID-19 Parent Information

UPDATED 12:00 26/03/2021

Additional Entry/Exit and Illness and Medication processes are in operation.

In line with government guidance we can confirm that the main nursery remains FULLY OPEN for all children in all nursery age groups. 

Holiday Club for Easter (w/c 29/3) is operating as normal, and half term (w/c 1/6) on the same basis.

Junior Club is open to all children (not just key worker children) for Athelstan and Saxton Primary Schools only.  Service to Barkston, Kirk Fenton, South Milford and Monk Fryston to remain fully suspended until the end of this academic year.

Dear parents/carers,

We remain on high alert and ready to deal with any positive cases if and when they arise.

All of our existing infection control measures as detailed on the COVID specific page on our website remain valid and in the hope of keeping this update concise I won’t repeat them all! All policies and procedures are on our website, and on the COVID-19 dedicated page. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the key elements of what you should be doing to play your part:

  • Attendance: Do not bring your child to nursery if you or your child have symptoms of COVID-19. Please remember that we also cannot accept a child into nursery who has had paracetamol suspension (calpol) or ibuprofen within 6 hours.

  • Hand washing:  We ask that you use the hand sanitising points throughout the nursery as you pass them. The practitioners are continuing to wash children’s hands upon entry into nursery and regularly throughout the day, but we do request you reinforce good hand washing practices with your child while at home. 

  • Face coverings: We now request ALL parents wear a face mask or face covering when dropping off or collecting, regardless of your child’s mobility. All our practitioners will also be wearing a mask or visor when they are interacting with you at drop off/collection, though they will not be when with the children through the day. We acknowledge that some parents and staff members are exempt from wearing a mask and we ask others to be understanding of this.

  • When on site maintain 2 meter distancing at all times, be alert to your surroundings and what you touch, use the hand sanitiser provided around the nursery. If any dispenses are empty or not working let a member of staff know.

  • Gates will be open from 8-9 and 5-6 to reduce contact with shared surfaces. We know we are normally reminding you to close all gates, but during these times please leave them open. Please be aware of car park safety during these times as open gates do allow children access to the carpark.

  • Communication: We have clear Public Health England (PHE)/North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) procedures to follow in the event of a positive test result. If you have recently changed phone numbers please let us know. If you or your child develop symptoms and you are going for a test, please let us know as soon as possible, and let us know the result (either outcome) as soon as possible. When we are open please phone, if it's out of nursery hours please email.

  • Clothing:  There is a continued push to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and have maximum ventilation within the rooms.  This means doors and windows will be open even on cold days, resulting in cooler ambient temperature in the rooms.  Please dress children appropriately to spend time outdoors and for cooler indoors.

  • Critical/Key Workers: The Department of Education has advised that we must have an up to date list of which families we provide a service to have one or more critical workers in the household (*link to definition at the foot of this letter). This will be relevant in the event that a local lockdown at the highest level of restriction is imposed in our area. Please use the below e-form to tell us of your current situation - we apologise if you have told us previously but we are being asked to refresh all data.

Rainbow Parent Information Notification Form

Throughout this pandemic we have always shared as much information as possible (some may say too much information!) however, we strongly believe that providing you with this information is the best way for all to make informed decisions.

If anyone has any thoughts,  ideas, or information that would be of use, please do get in touch. The specialised knowledge in related fields from our parent base has been exceptional and we greatly appreciate the input these parents have provided in our planning and risk assessment at this time.

Thank you, as ever, for your support and cooperation.

Karl and Harriet Shields

* Critical workers who can access schools or educational settings

External links to government websites and the NHS are below.

Previous Parent Briefings/Emails can be accessed here

Rainbow Parent Notification e-Form

Please use this form to advise us of

  1. any health issues you or your child may develop that may be relevant to our prevention and limitation of the spread of COVID-19 within the nursery,  

  2. any past, present or near future international travel plans, or if people you or your child are in direct contact with have travelled overseas recently,

  3. any child absence from nursery as a result of any of the additional "Illness, Temperature and Medication" measures we have introduced, if you have not reported it by phone already.

Covid-19 for children

A useful resource, for preschool and upwards, to help children (and their parents!) understand coronavirus.

Government "Key Worker" List

If you or someone in your household is covered by the criteria on this document you can apply for us to care for your child. This applies to existing or new customers whose existing arrangements or provision is not available.

NHS COVID-19 Advice and Information

NHS health and advice information.

NHS 111 Online

Find out what to do if you think you have symptoms or you might have been exposed to the virus when travelling.
They will ask you a few questions and tell you what to do next. To protect yourself and others, do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital. This service is suitable for all ages.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice

Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

Government Guidance to Educational Settings

Guidance for schools and other educational settings in providing advice about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Infection Control Action Plan

Version as of March 2021. This is a live document we are using internally and will be updated on this site from time to time.

Risk Assessment and Parent Summary

This document summarises our risk review ahead of wider reopening on the 1st June. It includes background, risk assessment and parent guidance.

Rainbow COVID-19 Guidance: Information Pack
Rainbow COVID-19 Guidance: Welcome
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