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Rainbow Nursery Early Years Funding Offer

15/30 Hours Free Entitlement

What is early years provision?

All 3 & 4 year olds are entitled to Early Education Grant Funding from the beginning of the school term following their 3rd birthday until compulsory school age. Eligible children are entitled to 15 fully funded hours per week for normally 38 weeks a year. This is known as the universal entitlement. In addition, parents meeting a number of government defined criteria can apply for an additional 15 free hours (so 30 in total) again over 38 weeks of the year. This requires parents initially applying to HMRC via the website and gaining an eligibility code you can then use at the nursery.

This free entitlement can be taken up in maintained school nursery classes and/or private and voluntary sector Ofsted registered provision, it can be split between a maximum of 2 providers. It is your choice as to which type of provision is most appropriate for your child and most convenient for your individual circumstances. All early years providers, whether schools, day nurseries, preschools or childminders, have to meet EYFS requirements and your child will get the same experiences whichever type of provision you choose, it is only the environment that changes. Funded provision is available in any Ofsted registered setting that is also registered with North Yorkshire County Council. It is the parent's choice at which setting the funding for a child is applied.

"Free entitlement" is a difficult subject for nurseries. On the one hand we recognise it is an important financial support to parents, but on the other the scheme has been chronically underfunded by central and local government for years. This leaves nurseries picking up the tab for the government's over-promising. At Rainbow we operate a sustainable model, and we openly promise that you will receive every penny and more of the funding we receive for your child.  Click here for Rainbow's statement on supporting parents through free entitlement funding

For further information on this provision, please see the North Yorkshire County Council pages at

Early Years Funding: About Us
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