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How do I apply?

Rainbow Nursery School take babies and children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years. This is split into 4 age banded areas, with each part of Rainbow Nursery dedicated to the care and well-being of the children in their care.  We encourage all prospective families to come and view the setting and experience the facilities we have to offer.  Please telephone or call in to arrange a visit.  Please contact us as soon as you can regarding availability... don't wait until the week before you go back to work!

To apply please complete our online enrolment form which can be found here.

Do you accept childcare vouchers and Tax Free Childcare payments?

Yes, we do. We support all the major, and most of the minor, and even one or two of the unheard of childcare voucher schemes. In most cases you can find us simply with our postcode LS24 9PX, but for EdenRed you need the secret code P239827 to locate us in the list.

For Tax Free Childcare vouchers please let us know the unique code for your child as that is the only payment reference we get from HMRC when a payment arrives. This is usually in the form FSSS12345TFC where F is the first letter of your child's first name and SSS is the first three letters of the child's surname. 

Do you accept Early Years Funding for 3 and 4 year olds?

Yes. We support parents making full use of the government's 15 and 30 free hours of funding schemes. Universal government funding is offered over 38 weeks of year so 570 free hours in total. As we operate 52 weeks of the year we offer funding as 11 hours a week for 52 weeks instead. We also support the 30 free hours scheme for qualifying parents but ask that you get your eligibility code from HMRC before you apply for the funding at Rainbow.  For more details, and for our policy statement on Early Years Entitlement at Rainbow please surf on over to the Early Years Funding section.

What are the fees for attending?

Where can I find your latest Ofsted report?

Our Downloads section has our latest report, our various communications to parents about it, and the journey we have been on since.  We continue to adapt our approach in response to changes in best practice, regulatory changes and in response to paretn feedback.

Where can I review your key policies?

Our key policies are all available to view and download on our Downloads page.  All our policies are available to parents on request.

If your question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided please get in touch.

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