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Preschool: Our Mission

Rainbow Preschool

3-4 year olds

Adult to child ratio 1:8

My name is Miss Kelly Hutton, I am Manager of Rainbow Nursery Preschool. 

Preschool is currently operating out of two rooms (usually three), Sunbeams, Snowflakes. Click on the room names to meet the team in each room.  Our Preschool rooms provide your child with an opportunity to build a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in a wider world. The main focus remains on learning through creativity and play. We also teach and emphasise the value of care and concern for others, respect for cultural diversity and ourselves.

Children will develop social skills. Your child will become better able to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wider range of materials. They will learn through shared activities with peers and adults.  Quality interactions and good role models support sustained shared thinking skills as the children’s increasing ability to take responsibility and to become independent learners.

For more information click here for a copy of our Welcome To Preschool PDF. If you have any questions or queries regarding Preschool, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Kelly Hutton

Level 4 in Children's Care, Learning and Development

Preschool: Welcome

The Five Golden Rules

Within our Preschool the practitioners discuss feelings, behaviour, rules and boundaries with the children. They explain to the children why we do or do not do certain things whether it is in the classroom, the outdoor areas, the cloakroom or the corridors.

The Preschool has a set of ‘five golden rules’, which have been agreed by both children and practitioners. We feel strongly that if these rules are emphasised this will have a positive effect on all of our children’s preschool experience.

The ‘five golden rules’ are listed below, we would appreciate if you can work with us in encouraging and emphasising the importance of these rules, especially whilst on the premises.

The five golden rules:

  1. I will walk inside preschool

  2. I will listen to others when they are speaking to me.

  3. I will be kind to my friends and adults.

  4. I will always remember to say please and thank you.

  5. I will play carefully with the toys, share with my friends and put them away when I have finished.

Preschool: About Us
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